Under the name KI-noW (AI for sustainably optimized value creation), we transition insights and findings from applied research into industrial practice.

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We are your point of contact for developing comprehensive scenarios within your company, illustrating the benefits of employing AI in manufacturing and demonstrating how the integration of corresponding applications can be achieved. A selection of demonstrators showcases how AI, built upon a comprehensive, interconnected data foundation, can be utilized in modern production as a powerful tool for humans. This encompasses the domains of manufacturing, assembly, and support processes.

We are ready to assist you with a systematic approach in your digitalization projects, spanning from data acquisition via sensors to data analysis and digitalization application.

Seminars & Workshops


Introduction to Fundamentals and Identification of Application Scenarios for AI

KI-noW Transfer Platform

Within the KI-noW Transfer Platform, our experts demonstrate the potentials of AI in production, the current state of development, as well as trends in its implementation.

3D Printing: Identification of Suitable Applications and Successful Implementation

A Selection of Our Topics

Smart Wear Prediction

AI-supported wear detection on machine tools through sensor-based networking.


Assembly support through machine vision and visual signals.


Detection of machine conditions and anomalies through sensor-based monitoring using AI.

Digital Twin

Interconnected virtual representations of physical devices using administration shells.


Continuous automated process chain from customer requirements to manufacturing process.


AI-based process analysis through a wireless sensor system for your manual assembly.

Learning Factory

Miniaturization of an Industry 4.0 compatible production facility.


AI-supported order sequence planning.


Lightweight real-time data acquisition for production and assembly.