Production Management and Process Optimization

Value Stream Analysis and Value Stream Design

Using value stream analysis, we identify bottlenecks and waste within the production system. By applying established design guidelines, we reduce lead time and align your production with customer demand.

Lean Production

Together with your team, we implement lean methods and principles to eliminate waste, optimize processes, and enhance efficiency within your company. By doing so, we reduce lead times and increase customer satisfaction.

Material Flow Simulation

To support decision-making in complex situations, we build a simulation model of your production system. This model helps determine the most suitable solution based on various influencing factors.

Factory Layout Planning

The spatial arrangement of machines and equipment within existing structures often limits production optimization. Therefore, as part of our factory planning services, we offer a comprehensive range from plant structure planning to implementation support.


Production Planning and Production Control

Through advanced analyses and software, we optimize production planning, inventory management, and capacity planning to ensure efficient and effective use of resources in your manufacturing operation.

Quality Management

We offer comprehensive consultation on quality management issues, ranging from the application of innovative methods and concepts of machine learning, such as classifying faulty components using image recognition, to implementing Six Sigma projects.