Remanufacturing is the most effective and efficient way of product recycling. Through remanufacturing, like-new products are generated, saving resources such as energy and materials in the process. In addition to environmental benefits, remanufacturing opens up new business opportunities, creates jobs and enables customers to access affordable state-of-the-art products.

By following a systematic approach based on experiences from a variety of research and industrial projects, we can drive the advancement of your business field. By applying selected methods, you can strategically develop and sustainably establish remanufacturing.

Process flow

The RemanLab offers a suitable infrastructure for conducting technical feasibility studies, enabling the complete process chain of remanufacturing to be depicted.

A look at the core areas of the RemanLab

Our services

Our support for your project

Feel free to approach us with your specific requirements. Our project formats range from feasibility studies to the implementation of remanufacturing, as well as the optimization of existing processes. Contact us for further information.

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