Smart Value Chains

We provide cutting-edge solutions, methodological expertise, and digitalization tools to support manufacturing companies.

We are happy to support you with our expertise from conception to implementation, from data collection through sensors, through data analysis, to digitalization applications and machine learning.


Retrofitting of Existing Installations

Smart Data Acquisition

What is the level of digitalization? What is the potential for data utilization? How can existing plants be retrofitted? We accompany you in setting up a data infrastructure in your company to answer these questions. We support you in evaluating existing production and event data and offer you comprehensive metrological data acquisition with high-precision, professional measurement technology to close data gaps.

Data Homogenization and Preparation

Provision of High-Quality Data

Do you already have a large amount of data, but can't make sense of it due to poor quality and structure? We support you in transforming large amounts of raw data into usable information of high quality. This includes selecting, cleansing, transforming, organizing and providing data. Data preparation is a time-consuming but crucial step in data mining projects. Only a prepared high-quality database enables an efficient utilization of the data.

Decentralized Data Processing

Edge Computing und Lean Data

For processing substantial volumes of generated data, Edge Computing is a key technology. It enables rapid, secure, and decentralized processing of sensor data directly at the machine. As a result, only relevant and high-quality data is transferred to the cloud. We provide consultation on potential use cases and support the development of Edge Computing solutions, thereby transitioning from Big Data to Lean Data.

Operationalization of Data

Data Mining und Data Analytics

You already have extensive data repositories and require assistance in their analysis and interpretation? We aid in uncovering patterns, trends, or correlations within the data, thereby generating novel insights. The identified patterns can significantly facilitate well-informed decision-making in specific problem domains. A special form of data mining is text mining. Here, valuable, previously unknown information can be extracted from unstructured text data.

Data-Driven Process Optimization

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

We support you in leveraging the immense potential of Artificial Intelligence. Through AI technologies, significant efficiency improvements are achievable across various industries and business sectors, spanning the entire value chain. We harness data to optimize your processes using Machine Learning algorithms. For instance, an AI-equipped production facility can continuously analyze sensor data and predict imminent machinery downtime and errors.

Efficient Data Utilization

Knowledge Provision in Production

What possibilities exist for the utilization of acquired insights within the production domain? How can Machine Learning (ML) applications be deployed during ongoing operations? We offer assistance in providing data-driven knowledge, for instance through dashboards or intelligent devices. This encompassing includes the administration and deployment of ML models within the production environment.